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Piano tutoring Programs of All Levels 

1 to 1 Private Piano Tutoring

Our 1 to 1 Private Piano Tutoring is our main service which includes a multitude of activities included in our annual package. 

Masterclass workshop     

Our Music School conducts regular workshops to inform parents about our curriculum and how parents and students can help their children enjoy music, piano practice and excel in their musical journey.


Music Theory classes 2023 and onwards

Scroll down to Contact us for more information.

There is maximum of 10 students in each class.

This is for those who are from Theory grade 1 onwards.  


Annual Program 

Performance is part of learning in our curriculum. The interest and confidence in performance increase the motivation and dedication in perfecting the art of music learning in Yoon Sen Lee Music School. We coach student and parents to think differently about performance and embrace it as part of passion in piano learning. 

Overseas performance and exchange 

Overseas concert and masterclass with Mr. Yoon Sen Lee for selected students to China Gulangyu in January 2018


YSL Music School's very own Examination System



Elite Piano Exams (EPE)

In 2020, Yoon Sen Lee introduced and formulated this system of exam for the pianists and presented it as the Elite Piano Exams (EPE). It is a system of exam where pianists will be trained towards being professionals or acquire top levels in their piano studies even if just as a hobby. The training is based on a system that will ensure for better and quicker progress and meticulous learning of music in its technical aspects, performance aspects, knowledge of music, composers, musicianship and variety of styles. It is an examination system with the focus aiming to learning in a highly comprehensive manner and also to achieve elite levels even at a very young age. This system will definitely make your piano studies more fun, inspirational, stimulating, challenging and helping you to love music for a lifetime. This is a system that is focused and centred on the pianists of this generation and also for those who are serious with piano practise and who will be willing to put in daily one hour and beyond and increase as the learning of levels progresses.

Systematic practical learning: It comprises of Levels 1 to 5. Each level concentrates on Piano technique; Performance of repertoire; Aural and Improvisation; Sight-reading and General Knowledge.
The completion of Level 1 is equivalent to the completion of AMEB Grade 3;

Level 2 is equivalent to the completion of AMEB Grade 5;
Level 3 is equivalent to the completion of AMEB Grade 7;
Level 4 is equivalent to completion of AMEB Certificate of Performance; Level 5 is equivalent to A.Mus.A and L.Mus.A levels.

Passion Program: Group Classes for kids


Passion Tots

18 mths to 2.5 years old 

Enjoy Music

Music and brain development

Music and gross motor development 

Redirecting emotions with music


Passion Junior 

PreKindy (45min)

2.5-4 years old

Listening and eye tracking skills

Focus and concentration

Make and appreciate rhythms and sounds




4-5.5 years old, Kindy(60min)


Finger and hand dexterity

Express and appreciate music

Basic Music Rudiments




Level 1(grade 1-4)

Level 2(Grade 5-8)


Certificate of Performance  (AMEB; ABRSM; Trinity)


Associate Diploma 


Licentiate Diploma  


Fellowship Diploma 


Master Class on technique

Voice training on Saturday

Workshop for parents


YSL Music School also provides group classes for pre-school children. That's why we have the Passion Program!

Passion program focus on preparing students with skills essential to 1-1 piano learning. Passion creates a fun and inspiring environment with parents. The curriculum includes concentration stretching, flash card competition, rhythm and pitch games, and music appreciation. Children are encouraged to invent and compose rhythm and music.

Passion program is based on Yoon Sen Lee's methodology of learning. Passion learners are inspired by the fun and interesting music performances. With this Passion Program, our Motto is 'when we learn to play, we play to learn.' The process of learning will generate perseverance and fuel the student's passion. Over time, learners are individually required to invent rhythms and music over time for effective learning and to promote core musical skills that will aide them in their future instrumental studies.



Check the chart below to see which age group your child is eligible to participate in!

For more details, questions, or to apply your child to our Music School, please contact us or leave us a message down below! 



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