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What is Passion teaching and focus?

Passion program is based on Yoon Sen Lee methodology of learning. We specialized in strong personal development for young learners.


Our strategies to support that :

- a strong partnership with parents in coaching for inspiring preschoolers in music through fun and interesting music.

- strong sense of accomplishment and self-fulfillment through concert performance twice a year

- confidence and focus training through learning performance etiquette, a spirit of practice and mental preparation. 


The program dovetail with Yoon Sen lee 1 to 1 teaching and aim to better prepare them, inspire them through appreciation of music. We are eager to move them to one on one as soon as they are ready, regardless of age.


Our program focus on skills essential to learning instruments and collaborative partnership with parents


-Appreciating creativity, versatility and beauty of music

-learning focus and eye tracking on music scores

-music expression and making

-rhythm and beats

-pitch and singing

-recognizing notes on staff and keyboard

-taking turns and being part of a team 

-performance experience for concert twice a year 


We invite you and your children to join us on the journey. Enroll now for last 2 terms before they lose another year.



Experience benefits of music on brain development before 6

Starting music training, as it is for language has evidence-based benefit in optimizing whole brain development and motor regions. These positive brain changes mean optimizing competencies beyond music into academic areas, positive learning attitudes, and better motor skills. Early start (before 5) and positive learning environment (parents, learning, and experiences) is key to the transformation. 

Mr. Yoon Sen Lee and his teachers represent a close-knit community of parents, teachers, and students. Through regular concerts conducted by the group, there are shared experiences in performance training. These group classes are a commitment to excellence in young children. We partner with parents in coaching to create a positive learning environment for you and your child.


When, where and how is program run?


Preschool program based in willetton, caregivers are expected to stay for younger learners and milestones stages so that activities and learning can continue at home. 


There are 4 levels, each designed to cater to different age group, learning milestones and age-appropriate activities


  1. Passion Tots group(45 min):  18 months to 2.5 years old 

  2. Passion Junior(60min) : 2.5 – 3yo

    1. Passion Junior A

    2. Passion Junior B

  3. Passion 60 min ( 3-4.5 )

    1. Passion Level 1

    2. Passion L2(Performance)

    3. Passion L3( Performance, solfege, Kodaly)

    4. Passion L4 (Performance,vocals, discussive appreciation)  


4.   Pitch and training


Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 5.00.25 PM.png
Perform singing and handbells to Jungle bells and baby shark at Yoon Sen Lee end of year concert.

Diana is an educator and has been teaching for 7 years. She is passionate about the role of music in early childhood and strategies for optimizing a child’s learning outcome. She has double master’s degrees in education  and administration and  is the mother of 2 boys  Please feel free to or

call Diana at 0422693075

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