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Our Key Note-

 ' As an internationally acclaimed music institution that has given rise to countless award-winning pupils, we aim to cultivate our students’ interest and excellence in classical music performance '



Yoon Sen Lee, LRSM; LGSM; ALCM; B.Mus(Hons); M.Mus (Perf) 

Our Principal and Founder’s Voice
When I was around 7 years of age, I always wanted to be a teacher because I thought it is so wonderful to have someone listening to you and you to share your knowledge with them.  I also loved to perform on the piano and sing for an audience.  I was raised up in a Christian family and going to church to sing is a regular activity.  Coming from a family background that is financially quite poor, I had to strongly urge my parents to provide me with piano lessons. So they had to work extra hard, put aside savings in order to provide me with a poor conditioned second-hand piano and thus began my musical journey with the piano. We had a common goal and that is I learn to play the piano so that I could serve in the church.  Little did I know that this instrument who was then my hobby, would lead me into a passionate career path.
So after all these years of involvement in music, Yoon Sen Lee Music School was set up because I have the philosophy and I strongly believe that learning music is the best tool for someone to become educated in an all rounded manner.  It not only teaches one to master an instrument but most importantly it opens up the door to harness the virtues of patience, persistence, consistency, dedication, and commitment.  Of course, it is filled with great fun and joy!  But most importantly, learning music educates us to relate music making into our daily way of life.  By learning the virtues through daily practise, we become equipped to face the world with challenges in our lives!
Come join us as we bring out the best in your child’s musical ability!  We have the passion to impart and we want you to have a passionate experience with music through Yoon Sen Lee Music School!


Our Amazing Students
A Brief Gallery

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We here at YSL Music School believe in an early start to instrumental learning as it increases neural efficiency and  development of the prefrontal cortex while maximizing a child's full potential in music. Our education focuses on instilling passion in young learners by creating a inspiring, progressive and fun environment. This environment will be anchored by guided parental coaching, educational performances, concerts, and healthy competition. We believe in the virtues of discipline, diligence, confidence, and dedication to sustain the journey of lifelong learning. 

Why Join our Music School?

  1. We know that every child that we mentor, can succeed if they put in the hard work.  

  2. We are convinced that there are no ineducable students but only incapable teachers.

  3. Parental involvement is a necessary element for a strong development of the child’s success.

  4. We believe that if there is a will, there is a way!

  5. Our school's education develops creativity and motivation as we inspire students with our charisma.

  6. Our objective is to mentor pianists and singers to become performers and share their music with others across the globe.

  7. Our Music School has consistently produced young musicians achieving at an internationally high standard from an extremely young age

"Although talent and gift are important,
REMEMBER: hard work is the core ingredient to SUCCESS"

-Yoon Sen Lee

Parents testimonials 
I want to express my sincere gratitude to Ivy, who has been dedicated to teaching my children. My older boy joined YSL Music School last year, and I was impressed with his progress. He is learning not only how to play the piano but also how to regulate his emotions from Ivy's teaching. My older boy was careless and usually did things without thinking, which made him get into trouble more often. What amazed me most was that he knew how to stop and think after learning piano with Ivy. My younger daughter joined the school this year and has enjoyed every lesson with Ivy. She talks about her teacher all the time. We all enjoyed the concert when we could enjoy music as a family and talked about how to work harder to learn the piano better. We always feel blessed to be a part of YSL Music School and know that our kids are in good hands."
Thank you! Kind regards, Sally Zeng


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