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Fun and Fantastic performance on 22nd April

Yoon Sen Lee music School Presents teachers concert, showing students and parents how piano performance can be fun for all.

Introducing Mozart trapped in future and team of teachers tohelp him get back in time.

Fortepiano VS Pianoforte

Haydn sonata Hob/xvi 28 (2nd movt): Yoon Sen Lee

and Now over to Pianoforte

Scaramouche (Brazileira) by Miljaud:Mike Li and Shuan Hern

Dan Macabre by St Saens : Joshua and Nancy Yao

(Four beauties )Bolero by Ravel:Lisa Yang,Nancy Yao,STephanie Huang and Sophie Lin

(Handsome four) Grand Galop Chromatic by Lizt: Mike Li, Joshua Noronha,Huan Hern Lee,Lawrence Ng


Barber of Sevielle Overture by Rossini( 12 hands Barber):Lawrence Ng, Mike Li, Joshua Noronha, Shuan Hern Lee, Lisa Yang and Yoon Sen Lee

What a most amazing and fun performance to the Team at Yoon Sen lee music school!

Yoon Sen Li music school teachers have demonstrated how piano performance can be fun and exciting for all.

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