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Aegean's Story with Trinity College

Aegean Niu is 11-year-old pianist from  Perth, Australia who, after just over four years of playing, has obtained her ATCL Piano Performance Diploma with distinction and won various local and international competitions. We spoke to Aegean and her teacher Yoon Sen Lee about her musical journey so far.

Aegean, who started piano lessons at age 5, credits her teachers for helping her achieve so much at such a young age.

“If it wasn’t for my teachers, I wouldn’t be where I am today. They inspired me and made me determined to constantly improve and work hard even when I am stuck.”

We asked Aegean why the piano is so important to her.

“Music is so magical, it’s like a language but everyone can understand it. “Learning the piano helps you with everyday life, such as keeping patience, having faster reflexes, and learning faster.”

Yoon Sen Lee, who has taught Aegean since 2021, told us about Aegean’s progress at the school.

“When Aegean first began piano lessons, she always loved the on-stage bit, but didn’t enjoy the practising nearly as much.”

“We taught her that being wholeheartedly interested in piano performance and practice would make her the best that she could be.” 

Aegean’s teachers encouraged her to start preparing for Trinity College London’s graded piano exams. She told us about the experience.

“The Trinity syllabus has so many interesting pieces to explore and learn - I truly enjoyed the experience.”

“Due to COVID measures, I was unable to do a live exam and had to send a video of my repertoire. It helped me to gain the experience pushing myself to the limit of performing all pieces within one go.”

It was a very stressful time but, in the end, it was all worth it - both my mum and teacher continuously encouraged me to keep going.” 

With so many achievements under her belt already, it certainly was worth it! Aegean, who is currently preparing to take her LTCL exam, has won various competitions, both locally and internationally including Fremantle Eisteddfod, WAPC, WAMTA, CCTV, PianoFlicks, Golden Classical Music Award Competition, Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition, and Singapore Raffles International Music Competition.


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