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Mid year concert on 27th May

It was fantastic Mid year concert by more than 100 students from 10am to 730pm. There were beginners ranging from 4 years old to licentiate diploma, BA( Music) . It was lots of hard work on part of students and parents, grandparents too.

We would like to thank all students and teachers for your performances and parents for your support to make this ocassion possible.We would also like to specially thank our teachers for preparing their students to perform at this middle of year concert.

Performed By Ivan

Ivan just turned 6 in April. He has learned piano for 9 months from Lawrence Ng and Mr Lee. He won a 3rd prize last week at Fremantle piano competition for 1st grade solo.

Performed by Vincent Zhu

Performed by Jayden Ho

Performed by Lyndia Dutton

Performed by Jayden Goh

Jayden is 9 years old, playing grade 8 piece Italian concerto 3rd movement. (student of Stephanie Huang)

Sad Story Performed by Nathan

The Indian Dance Performed by ristina Gao

Beginner after 5 months (Student of Ivy Chan)

The Caterpillar Crawl by Alex Song

Beginner after 2 months (Student of Ivy Chan)

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