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North of Perth Music Festival

Congratulations to our hardworking students:

North of Perth Music Festival:

Preliminary Grade Solo Section:

1st: Oskar Wang (Student of Lawrence Ng);

2nd: Olivia Yan Yee Mak (Student of Lawrence Ng);

3rd: Jacey Li (Student of Lisa Yang)

Grade 2:

1st: Grace Cui (Student of Stephanie Huang)

Grade 3:

2nd: Alicia Liaw (Student of Lisa Yang);

3rd: Jasper Wu (Student of Ivy Chan)

Grade 6:

Highly Commended (3rd): Jocelyn Goh (Student of Stephanie Huang)

Duet Under 13:

1st: Sarah Choo and Darius Choo (Student of Ivy Chan)

Grade 5 Solo Section:

1st: Yin Chen

2nd: Emily Eric (Student of Lawrence Ng)

Grade 8 Solo Section:

2nd: Kelly Shang (Student of Ivy Chan);

3rd: Grace He (Student of Ivy Chan)

Under 13 Solo Recital:

1st: Mikhael Dhauhari (Student of Ivy Chan);

2nd: Hannah Wang;

3rd: Tyler Yu

Under 16 Solo Recital:

1st: Nicole Li; 2nd: Anders Phan (Student of Stephanie Huang); Ceicilia Limargana

Age 18 and under Classical Vocal:

1st: Shuan Hern Lee

Open Solo Recital:

1st: Shuan Hern Lee;

2nd: Lawrence Ng

Open Solo Championship:

1st: Shuan Hern Lee;

2nd: Lawrence Ng;

Highly Commended (3rd): Hannah Wang;

Highly Commended (3rd): Joshua Noronha

Thank you very much to the adjudicator, Prof Graeme Gilling for the constructive feedback and advice

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