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Shaun Hern Shines at Keri Keri

Shuan Hern won first prize at the under 28 international piano competition in Kerikeri, New Zealand. He is the youngest ever, at 16, to win first prize in the history of the competition since it started in 1987.

There were 69 applications for this competition with pianists aged under 28 applying throughout the world and many are accomplished pianists who are professional in their own field and who have studied at top institutions in the world. Of the 69 with video round submission, 15 were admitted to compete at Kerikeri.

We were there to enjoy and experience but are really thankful that Shuan Hern could win first prize in such a huge competition. It was truly a thrilling surprise.

Shuan Hern performed these repertoire:

Round One: Waldstein Sonata Op. 53 by Beethoven and Chopin Op. 10 no. 4

Round Two: Bach Chromatic Fantasie and Fugue, Schumann Sonata no. 2 and Balakirev Islamey.

Round Three (Final): Haydn Sonata Hob XVI/52; Chopin Barcarolle; Busoni/Bach Chaccone and Prokofiev Toccata

After round 1 and 2, only 4 out of the 15 competitors were admitted into the final round. Shuan Hern performed really well and the three adjudicators who were from USA, Australia and South Korea had unanimous decision to vote him as first prize winner.

This is the website for more information:

He also got to meet up with Sir Michael Hill, the renown jewellery maker who was actually a violinist but forgo the journey becaue he felt that he did not start young enough to be top in the field and so he switched to jewellery making. He has invited Shuan Hern to perform a concert in Queenstown, New Zealand in 2019 and will collect all proceeds to help him for his musical journey and also to make Shuan Hern a diamond brooch. Pretty cool!

There are also festival performances arranged for USA in 2019 too.

These are the Facebook links:

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