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WAMTA 2019

Congratulations to Joshua with following awards:

1)Wamta best Performance award

2)Best performance of a Baroque work

3)Best performance of Australian Work

4)Stephanie Coleman award for most transcendental performance of the competition

5)Best performer of the competition(WAmta Trophy

6)1st in above grade (Tie with Shaun Hern lee)

Also For all our hardworking students and parents :

WAMTA Recital and Concerto Competition

Preliminary Grade Recital
 First Prize: Roseanne Chen (Student of Lydia Dutton)

Grade 1 Recital
 Highly Commended: Lucas Le (Student of Sophie Lin)

Grade 2 Recital
 2nd prize: Aegean Niu (Student of Lisa Yang)

Grade 3 Recital
 Highly Commended: Jeremy Jin (Student of Joshua Noronha)

Aged Under 15 Ensemble
 First Prize: Ceicilia Limargana and Sidney Eric
 Second Prize: Yin Chen and Zhuo Chen (Student of Lisa Yang)

Grade 5 Recital
 First Prize: Ivan Tan (Student of Lawrence Ng)

Grade 6 Recital
 First prize: Chenghan Lei (Student of Lisa Yang)

Above Grade 8 Recital
 First prize: Shuan Hern Lee
 First prize: Joshua Noronha
 Second prize: Ceicilia Limargana
 Highly Commended: Hannah Wang and Lydia Dutton

10 to 14 Concerto
 First prize: Ceicilia Limargana 
 First prize: Hannah Wang

Best Baroque Prize: Joshua Noronha
 Best Australian Prize: Joshua Noronha
 Best Performance WAMTA: Joshua Noronha

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