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Coronavirus Creativity

1st April till 30th April: Compose and sing a song associated with the Coronavirus; Compose a piano piece associated with the Coronavirus; Write a piece about toilet paper and the Coronavirus; Write a piece about the Social Distancing; Write a piece about your feelings and experience in this Coronavirus Age. Entry closes 30th April. Admission is FREE. We will circulate amongst our community and teachers will vote and choose winners.

Results :

We are pleased to announce the winners for our competition related to the Coronavirus. They are Olivia Zhao and Jing Quan Chong. The teachers voted and we came up with an overall tied winners result. Congratulations to Olivia and Jing Quan. Each will receive a $50 Award.

These are the scores and vocal recordings attached. Please note the coughing in Jing Quan's song is on purpose. Please listen and enjoy the fun.

It is wonderful to see how they put in time and effort to work on this topic and will be a memorable thing for them when they look back in the future.

My grandma used to talk to us many times about the war when Japanese invaded Singapore and how difficult it was and what they had to do and how they pulled through. For this generation, they will be telling their kids and grandchildren about Coronavirus.

These are some of our adjudicators' comments:

Jam session: I liked the way that they used the coughing as a symbolic representation of the Coronavirus, this emphasises the current situation, but in a joyful way. They made the performance very uplifting and bright to give everyone the sense of happiness while listening to this piece. I feel as though they could have been more clear on the lyrics however it was overall a good performance as they expressed the COVID-19 situation in a joyous manner.

Olivia Zhao: I enjoyed this performance as the lyrics were very strong and meaningful towards the COVID-19 situation. Specific words in the lyrics were very powerful such as: “conquer” and “victors”. I feel like the piano however was overtaking her voice and I think that if she sung louder and in a more powerful manner, she could have delivered her message in a stronger sense and to be more convincing. The piano should have acted as an accompaniment. However, overall, her performance was enjoyable.

I like Olivia’s COVID-19 despite the harmony is too simple on her LH.

I pick Jing Quan's song haha. Cough Cough.

Definitely Equal First.

Can I give both first? I think the 2 are very different. The first one is very creative with the different parts and music. The second one she put in the effort with her lyrics and melody. And to play and sing. Equal first from me thanks

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