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Congratulations to winners of Fast learners Competition(FLC) Grade prelim to 2)

We pitch our students in a 7 day sprint. during the July school holiday. Chat group was formed install group of 3-4 students for a new piece .Students are encouraged to send in recording of practise, with teachers and principles going feedback. On the last day, the final recording will be used to judge who judged by Mr Lee as the fastest learner. Winner gets a medal !

Preliminary Grade winner :Annabelle Lai

Preliminary Grade FLC winner:Melody Li

Grade 1 FLC winner:Lukas Tan

Grade 1 FLC winner: Daniel

Grade 1 FLC winner: Carey Niu

Grade 2 FLC winner: Saxon

Grade 2 FLC winner:Lukas Shi

Grade 2 FLC Winner:Joey Xu


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